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  • Pet Store Puppies From Puppy Mills Are More Lilkely To Become Aggressive

    Posted by: akaplan | May 24, 2013
    A Typical Puppy Mill

    A study, co-authored by James Duffy, Deborah Duffy and Frank McMillan published in The Journal Of The American Veterinary Medicine Association in May, 2013, proves that puppies purchased from pet stores show an increased prevalence for behavioral problems as adults. The study, motivated by findings in a 2011 study by the same authors showing showed greater psychological problems in adult dogs rescued from commercial breeding facilities (also known as puppy mills) might suggest that turbulent early lives of dogs in commercial breeding facilities might be the reason for future undesirable behaviors. The extent of the abnormalities in dogs sourced from large-scale breeders was dramatic. Pet store puppies showed an increased risk of aggression toward their owners and other dogs, as well as a greater chance of escaping, roaming, and running away. Neutered dogs fared somewhat better, but still showed a higher risk of aggression than neutered dogs from non-commercial breeders.

  • Reflections on Our First 4 Years

    Posted by: LBehrman | February 12, 2013



  • Toby's Eponymous Blog

    Posted by: Toby | December 29, 2012


    When I arrived at the City Veterinary Clinic this morning to perform my function as overseer of the staff, Andy told me I had to start a blog.  I wondered what that had to do with treats.  Apparently, they are connected.  No blog.  No treats.  Well, fine, if that’s the way he wants to play it.  I’ll blog.  But I warned him, I’m going to tell the truth.  The whole truth and nothing but the truth.  And if he can’t take the heat, then he should get out of the kitchen, you know, after he’s left roast beef on the kitchen counter.  

  • Fiona Apple Cancels Tour to Stay Home With Sick Dog

    Posted by: Toby | December 2, 2012
    Fiona Apple
    Toby here...
    Paws DOWN, this is the most heartwarming thing I've heard all week! Turns out that Fiona Apple cancelled her South American concert tour so she could stay home with her ill dog, Janet.  Sister Sledge had it right.
  • Family Marbles Website Spreads Word About Pet Overpopulation

    Posted by: aflaum | October 19, 2012

    The Family Marbles website keeps your pets' vet and caretaking info accessible - for you, your family or your pet sitter!  Easy to use and allows you to take the BEST care of your dog or cat when you can't be there.

    When your pet is considered a family member, you want to do the right thing for them.  Spay and neuter is part of that effort and is an important part of the solution to pet overpopulation.   THE FAMILY MARBLES website blog profiles The Toby Project:

    The Toby Project: Saving Fido & Kitty

    File this one under "pet lovers" and "pretty dang awesome."

    Whether you're a dog person, a cat person, or something in between, saving the lives of animals sounds like a pretty great mission, right?  The thought of thousands of unwanted animals languishing - and dying - in shelters every day bothers a lot of us, but what's the alternative?

  • Happy Birthday Toby

    Posted by: akaplan | July 14, 2012
    Toby of The Toby Project

    Theres a phrase by an unknown author that goes like this:

    People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
    When you figure out which one it is,
    you will know what to do for each person.

    LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons;
    things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
    Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person,
    and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.


  • NYPD Community Day In Brownsville

    Posted by: aflaum | June 17, 2012

    The Toby Project participated in an NYPD Youth Community Day on Saturday, June 16. Our goal was educate local residents, introduce them to "spay/neuter" and inspire them to take action to help solve pet overpopulation. Pictured is Toby's friend "McGruff" sharing a laugh with The Toby Project van crew.

  • The President's Spring Newsletter

    Posted by: akaplan | June 1, 2012
    Toby Kaplan

    We're all abuzz here at The Toby Project over all things spring.
    Have you seen the live streaming video of the baby bald eagles? It's a favorite of TTP's lead spay/neuter surgeon, Dr. Jenny Ripka.  She recommends you check it out:  Decorah Eagles
    We're seeing lots of evidence of the spring mating season that brings kittens to our feral clinic in Brooklyn. Busier than ever, 30 kittens and cats were spayed and neutered there at our "Mother's Day Event."
    Our mobile clinic continues to make in"roads" as well-- we had our largest turnout ever, 40 dogs and cats, on a recent Sunday in the Bronx. It was a chaotic but fun scene that sunny morning, several young dogs showing their more playful sides while waiting to be taken onto the van.
    In our last newsletter, I told you of the NYC Department of Health "grants" being bid out for spay/neuter services. I'm happy to let you know that The Toby Project was chosen to contract with the city, the negotiation process is underway and a target date for commencement of these services is mid-summer.

  • What's Up At The Toby Project

    Posted by: akaplan | March 6, 2012
    Every day, people ask me what's happening at The Toby Project. This is our first blog post, in an effort to keep supporters up-to-date on what's new and what we're up to.

    So, what are we up to?  10,000!  That's 10,000 spays and neuters performed to date on dogs & cats owned by low-income New York City residents. We think that's quite an accomplishment!  

    When The Toby Project mobile van hit the road for the first time on Spay Day USA in February 2009, we knew we could make a difference--and we have.


To date, The Toby Project has spayed or neutered 91,229 animals.

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