Who's Behind The Toby Project

We hear it over and over. What makes The Toby Project "special" is how much everyone involved cares about the animals we serve. Whether it’s a domesticated puppy coming for a spay or a feral cat living in the streets, every member of our team wants to make the experience as comfortable and loving as possible for both animals and caretakers.

Meet our “A” team of veterinary professionals and support staff:

  • Katy Regula

    Spay & Neuter Coordinator

    A native New Yorker, Katy graduated with a BA in Visual Arts from Fordham College at Lincoln Center and has volunteered with multiple nonprofit organizations for over 21 combined years in the animal rescue, social services, and emergency management fields. She is a Steering Committee Member of Foster Dogs, Inc., and also a longtime Foster Team Volunteer for Muddy Paws Rescue. Her mottos in life have always been to “do good in the world” and “be kind,” and she is elated to combine her skills, experience, and passion for animals to join The Toby Project as its new Spay & Neuter Coordinator.

    She can often be found cuddling foster puppies, frequenting her favorite coffee shop Boris & Horton in the East Village, or doing makeshift photoshoots for her foster dogs. She currently resides in NJ with her family and their miniature dachshund Harry.

  • Jyaizia Lavine

    Assistant Veterinary Technician

    Jyaizia is a welcome addition to The Toby Project mobile surgical team.  An assistant technician, she is enrolled in a program to become a licensed Veterinary Technician.  Jyaizia is a native of Brooklyn, currently residing in Bed-Stuy and also works at The Toby Project feral clinic in that borough.  She finds that her exercise routine helps her cope with her rigorous schedule. Most of all, she loves cuddling up with her three dogs Scrappy, Lucky and Champagne, and her cat Kiara.

  • Dr. Jenny Ripka


    Dr. Ripka graduated from the Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine in 1990. She has spent more than twenty years working for humane organizations in New York City. For the last ten years she has specialized in developing and operating low cost mobile spay neuter clinics. Dr. Ripka has worked for the Toby Project as a spay neuter surgeon from its inception in 2009.


To date, The Toby Project has spayed or neutered 86,214 animals.

Left to breed and multiply unchecked, 86,214 dogs and cats can yield as many as 1,059,397,632 offspring in only 5 years.

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The People Behind The Toby Project

Every member of The Toby Project team--from our board members to our committed staff and crew--plays a part in creating and furthering our reputation as a compassionate organization with a dedication to our mission.

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