The President's Spring Newsletter

The President's Spring Newsletter

Posted by: akaplan | June 1, 2012
Toby Kaplan

We're all abuzz here at The Toby Project over all things spring.
Have you seen the live streaming video of the baby bald eagles? It's a favorite of TTP's lead spay/neuter surgeon, Dr. Jenny Ripka.  She recommends you check it out:  Decorah Eagles
We're seeing lots of evidence of the spring mating season that brings kittens to our feral clinic in Brooklyn. Busier than ever, 30 kittens and cats were spayed and neutered there at our "Mother's Day Event."
Our mobile clinic continues to make in"roads" as well-- we had our largest turnout ever, 40 dogs and cats, on a recent Sunday in the Bronx. It was a chaotic but fun scene that sunny morning, several young dogs showing their more playful sides while waiting to be taken onto the van.
In our last newsletter, I told you of the NYC Department of Health "grants" being bid out for spay/neuter services. I'm happy to let you know that The Toby Project was chosen to contract with the city, the negotiation process is underway and a target date for commencement of these services is mid-summer.
Our board is also working diligently to ensure that we can continue to offer our services and expand our reach by applying for foundation grants.  If you are experienced in grant writing and would consider preparing a grant application for us, we would be grateful for your expertise.  Please contact us!
Last week's Comedy Night turned out to be a fun time for all, bringing together our valued supporters and new friends. Thanks to everyone who attended.

On Saturday, June 16, we're planning to hold our mobile clinic in Brownsville, Brooklyn at the site of a community event being organized by the NYPD. We'll have spay/neuter educational materials on hand for the 500+ expected attendees.
Next, I'm thrilled to tell you that some developments in the effort to solve pet overpopulation, having the potential to greatly impact business as usual, have come to my attention recently.  It's all very "hush hush" for now while plans are being put into place, but I hope to be able to reveal an exciting new opportunity for The Toby Project by year's end.
Andrew Kaplan, DVM
President & Founder








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