There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities with The Toby Project. Our volunteers are an important part of our program and play a significant role in helping to save lives. Please take a moment to consider the possibilities and decide where you can make an impact!

The Toby Project operates spay/neuter clinics and, as a nonprofit, we must also raise the funds to support our activities. Further, it is our goal to educate the public and raise awareness about the benefits of spay & neuter as it relates to pet overpopulation.

Toward that end, we seek motivated volunteers who have experience in:

  • Advertising

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations/Media/Communications
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Fundraising
  • Education
  • Performing administrative duties

We’re also looking for volunteers to help expand our Community Outreach Program:

  • to organize community events
  • to represent us at community events
  • to spread awareness about pet overpopulation

Please note that we employ a paid professional staff to care for the dogs and cats at the spay/neuter clinics. Therefore, our need for volunteers in this area is limited to the following:

  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Technicians
  • Individuals certified in "Trap-Neuter-Return" (TNR)
  • Individuals able to assist in TNR

If you would like to donate your time to help The Toby Project, please sign up today. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you to discuss further how you can best fit into our organization.


To date, The Toby Project has spayed or neutered 91,229 animals.

Left to breed and multiply unchecked, 91,229 dogs and cats can yield as many as 1,121,021,952 offspring in only 5 years.

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