Family Marbles Website Spreads Word About Pet Overpopulation

Family Marbles Website Spreads Word About Pet Overpopulation

Posted by: aflaum | October 19, 2012

The Family Marbles website keeps your pets' vet and caretaking info accessible - for you, your family or your pet sitter!  Easy to use and allows you to take the BEST care of your dog or cat when you can't be there.

When your pet is considered a family member, you want to do the right thing for them.  Spay and neuter is part of that effort and is an important part of the solution to pet overpopulation.   THE FAMILY MARBLES website blog profiles The Toby Project:

The Toby Project: Saving Fido & Kitty

File this one under "pet lovers" and "pretty dang awesome."

Whether you're a dog person, a cat person, or something in between, saving the lives of animals sounds like a pretty great mission, right?  The thought of thousands of unwanted animals languishing - and dying - in shelters every day bothers a lot of us, but what's the alternative?

The alternative, of course, is not having to euthanize our four-legged friends just because, through no fault of their own, they lack a home.  And the only realistic way to impact the sad fact of chronic over-crowding at shelters is to prevent the births of unwanted puppies and kittens.

That's where The Toby Project comes in.  The Toby Project (TTP), founded by veterinarian Dr. Andrew Kaplan, is a non-profit dedicated to reducing the number of dogs and cats put to sleep in NYC animal shelters by providing free and reduced-cost spaying and neutering services.  (Genius!)  The Toby Project's mobile spay/neuter vans and neighborhood clinics provide the free and low-cost services to truly needy pet owners living in areas that supply or surrender the most animals to municipal shelters. In other words, this is not a service for bargain-hunters who can afford to pay for their pet's operation. 

According to their website, the folks at TTP have spayed or neutered over 12,500 dogs and cats - animals that could produce nearly 154 million offspring in just five years if left to breed unchecked.  And I thought rabbits were busy!  (If you doubt my math, go to the website and check the number be honest, I had to do a double-take when I read that.)

If you live in NYC and want to lend a hand - or paw - they can use your help (click here and here for suggestions).  If you don't live in NYC and want to help, please donate or check out the website shop (proceeds from sales of the totes, leashes and hats benefit The Toby Project - and shipping is free.)

You may not be able to give an unwanted animal their forever home right now, but you can still have a positive impact on the problem.  WOOF!


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I enjoy reading your post, great..Taking care of pets is as much a pleasure for many people as it is a business. Saving the lives of animals, I do agree its pretty good to hear that we save ones life.

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Posted By: stephanierank (not verified)

To date, The Toby Project has spayed or neutered 88,314 animals.

Left to breed and multiply unchecked, 88,314 dogs and cats can yield as many as 1,085,202,432 offspring in only 5 years.

See How Spaying and Neutering Helps

The People Behind The Toby Project

Every member of The Toby Project team--from our board members to our committed staff and crew--plays a part in creating and furthering our reputation as a compassionate organization with a dedication to our mission.

Meet Our Leadership & Staff

Organizations We Admire

We, at The Toby Project, value the contributions that many organizations make in support of animal welfare and rights.


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If you have comments, ideas, or questions about our mission, we'd like to hear from you! Contact Us